Our Role

We aim to offer every Prisoner life transforming hope through the Love of God.

The Chaplains see Prison Chaplaincy as a ‘holistic ministry' providing for the spiritual, cultural and social needs of all prisoners. Prison Chaplain's therefore have a mission in service to the whole of life; with a theological mandate. A Prison Chaplains role is to Journey with Prisoners, as they encounter the challenges of incarceration and separation from loved ones and Whanau.

As well as the day-to-day chaplaincy role of providing church services and pastoral care, they also ensure that the prisoners have access to bibles and other religious references, materials and spiritual literature if they so require.

An important aspect of a chaplain's role is visibility and availability. The chaplains meet prisoners in their units, their work place or in the chaplain's office. Chaplains tend to "Loiter with Intent" as they support, observe and provide an encouraging Ministry of Presence to all within their care, wherever that might be.

They also arrange, organise and provide access for Christian and other religious representatives requested by the prisoners, ensuring pastoral care is available for prisoners of all religious denominations, and beliefs. They hold a wide range of appropriate services for prisoners, on Sundays, at Easter, Christmas and at other times of group and personal individual importance.



The origin of the term Chaplain comes from the French word Chappelle; which is a coat or a covering. The term originates from the old Christian story of St Martin who offered his Chappelle (coat) to someone in deep distress, and gave him a covering, a lifesaving protection: in a similar manner to the parable of the Good Samaritan; offering kindness, compassion and a Christ like presence, journeying alongside those in need.

Pastoral Care

Pastor comes from the Latin word for shepherd therefore Pastoral care involves shepherding, caring and ministering to their flock.
This role and message is encompassed and highlighted in Psalm:23