Report of Protestant Chaplain to H.M. Gaol, Hospital and Lunatic Asylum

To: The Provincial Treasurer, Dunedin

Sir, I have the honour to lay before you my Report for the six months ending March 31st, 1869.

H.M. Gaol

I have, since my appointment on the 1st September, 1868 conducted divine service in the Institution every Sabbath morning.  For the purpose of conversing with prisoners individually, I have on an average visited four times per week. On holidays, when the prisoners were not at work, I have attended to deliver lectures and addresses.

During the months of November, December, January and February, I conducted, with the help of several of the inmates, classes for the instruction of male prisoners in reading, writing, arithmetic etc, averaging 3 nights per week.  Believing that these classes were much appreciated, I propose to resume them, with the permission of the Governor, and devote to them not less than two nights per week. To discharged prisoners I have rendered every service in my power, either in obtaining employment for them or the means of leaving the country.

The Hospital ……

Lunatic Asylum ……

In carrying on my work in connection with these institutions, their authorities have rendered me every facility.

In conclusion, I beg to state that my labours have been favourably received and I trust have not been altogether fruitless.

I have the honour to be,
Your obedient servant,
J.A. Torrance

Chaplain H.M. Gaol, Hospital and Lunatic Asylum